Vacuum 40

An autonomous vacuum with high safety and an advanced navigation system. This autobot is designed with class-leading safety sensors and the best of AI to give a consistent, thorough and productive clean. It also has the ability to switch from automatic to manual mode, the best of both worlds. What’s more? It produces cleaning reports to help you monitor performance. With this autobot, you’ll be pushing productivity to new levels.

Cleaning width: 400 mm
Cleaning efficiency: Up to 1200 m2/h
Battery Capacity: 40 Ah
Charging time: Up to 2 hours
Maximum vacuum pressure: 18 kpa
Dust bag capacity: 12 litres
Trash can capacity: 2.5 litres
Sensors: LIDAR, 3*Depth Camera, Ultrasonic Sensor, Air Pressure Bumper and Cliff Sensor
Operational speed: 0 – 3.6 km/h

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