Autobots Clean is finally in New Zealand to make cleaning easier, better, less costly and less timely for hardworking companies. Our Autobots are designed and crafted with artificial intelligence by Gaussian Robotics, based in Singapore. These autobots are now present in over 35 countries and they have made their way here with a goal to improve the efficiency of the commercial floor cleaning, especially for companies with large factories thus larger surface areas in need of cleaning daily. 
At Autobots Clean, we are now offering our products to companies/factories around the Bay of Plenty, the Waikato region, and Auckland. Our Autobots can be leased or purchased with delivery included.

Our Mission

To promote the use of technology and transform the commercial floor cleaning industry to a more efficient, productive and better workforce.

Our Goal

Bring convenience to businesses by saving cost, saving time and to uplift the workforce with technological skills through the use of Autobots.

Our Values

•Continuous Learning
•Commitment to Customers

“Lots of companies don’t succeed over time. What do they fundamentally do wrong? They usually miss the future.” – Larry Page
The future is here,
Autobots Clean is here
and we’re here to transform
the cleaning industry.
Let your company
be part of this
incredible revolution.